Hack Reality

an interdisciplinary lab for art and technology that creates transcendent states of consciousness


Real science studies and makes accessible that knowledge which people at that period of history think important, and real art transfers this truth from the domain of knowledge to the domain of feelings.
– Tolstoy

the problem:

We all feel the death by a thousand cuts of push notifications, emails and infinitely scrolling feeds. With beeps and vibrations constantly notifying of us on what we’re missing out on, we’ve become the most anxious, lonely and medicated cohort in modern history. Emerging technology such as VR, AR and biosensors are even closer to the skin, adding the potential to make it far more addictive, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Any sufficiently sharp sword slices both ways. We are building art which uses various technology as its medium to heal instead of harm.

the solution:

Hack Reality connects software and hardware developers with artists and performers to build emerging tech which creates transcendent altered states of consciousness. Our work is informed by the latest research in neuroscience, social science, and psychology as well as ancient and indigenous wisdom.

about us:

Cris Beasley – I serve as podcast host of Embodied Reality, author of the Love Lock card deck to unlock shadow emotions, a technical advisor to the American Psychological Association Div 44, and am currently training as a somatic trauma healer. I formerly co-founded an AI company, and did product management and design research for Mozilla and Sequoia Capital. I’ve bridged the worlds of art and technology for the last two decades. Growing up in the American South, I played trumpet and sang as a Christian mystic with a rich tradition of trance dance and music.


Chris Gagné – I am an experienced Agile Coach and meditation teacher. I guide teams through the Agile transformation so that they can complete twice the work—with twice the joy—in half the time. I also teach powerful, authentic meditation techniques from a 2,500-year-old tradition.

Dr. Joel Pitt – I'm a hacker at heart. I love to tinker with technology and build things. I have a background that involves a cross-over between science, biology, computing and art. I feel this gives me a unique perspective on problem solving, and experience with building complex systems within the constraints of practicality. My passion is machine learning and artificial intelligence. I believe that both of these hold promise for understanding the process of conscious thought and the evolution of complex systems.


interested in helping out?

If this resonates with you, please join us and tell us a little about yourself and how you’d like to be involved. We’ll keep you posted on ways to help!


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